Monday, March 10, 2014

Tour of the Kennedy Space Center in Five Hours - Titusville, FL - 3 pm to 4 pm

Timeline and sights:

2 pm to 3 pm - Take the tour bus to the Visitors Center Complex and explore the 70 acre area.

GPS: N28° 31.370 W080° 410.000

The Kennedy Space Center website (q.v.) provides information on 23 named attractions within the 70 acre Visitors Center Complex. Link to Kennedy Space Center Website.

1 Visitor Complex Entrance
2 Voyagers
3 Early Space Exploration
4 Debus Conference Facility
5 Lunch With An Astronaut
6 Information Central
7 Rocket Garden Cafe
8 Rocket Garden
9 Children's Play Dome
10 Astronaut Encounter
11 Angry Birds™ Space Encounter
12 Robot Scouts
13 Bus Tour Boarding
14 NASA Central
15 Space Shop
16 Exploration Space®
17 IMAX® 3D Space Films
18 Orbit Cafe
19 Constellation Sphere
20 Shuttle Express Gifts
21 Space Shuttle Atlantis?
22 Shuttle Launch Experience®
23 Astronaut Memorial

We will visit the Space Shuttle Atlantis and ride the Shuttle Launch Experience in the next hour. Here are some of the interesting sights in the Visitors Center Complex.

Space Shuttle Liquid Fuel Tank and Solid Fuel Rockets
Constellation Sphere - A rotatable nine ton granite sphere supported by water.
These are known as Kugel Balls.
Rocket Garden
Meet and Greet with Veteran Astronauts
Angry Birds Encounter - Real-life Version of the Popular Computer Game
Childrens Play Dome

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