Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tour of the Kennedy Space Center in Five Hours - Titusville, FL - 1 pm to 2 pm

Timeline and sights:

12 noon on 18 February 2014 the NCL Breakaway docks at Port Canaveral, FL.
12:30 pm the tour bus leave the dock for the 30 minute ride to the Kennedy Space Center.

1 pm tour begins with the arrival at the entrance to the Kennedy Space Center.

GPS: N28° 31.364; W080° 40.914

"Guests are greeted by a first-ever 3D representation of the NASA insignia and a majestic 75-foot-long, 5000-gallon fountain that pays homage to the dreams of late President John F. Kennedy, for whom NASA’s Kennedy Space Center is named. Kennedy’s face, along with a quote from his famous 1962 “moon speech” at Rice University, are laser etched onto a skyward-reaching arch of blue granite." - Kennedy Space Center website.

Sphere with NASA insignia.

Kennedy Fountain
The block of granite on the back wall bears the laser engraved image of President Kennedy along with the inscription:

For the eyes of the world now look into space
to the moon and to the planets beyond,
and we have vowed that we shall not see
it governed by a hostile flag of conquest,
but by a banner of freedom and peace. - John F. Kennedy

1:30 pm: board the Kennedy Space Center tour bus to visit the grounds. Included views of the Launch Complex 39 and the giant Vehicle Assembly Building, the largest one story building in the world.

GPS: N28° 35.066; W080° 39.042

Vehicle Assembly Building
2 pm - Drive to the Apollo Saturn V Center.

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