Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tour of the Kennedy Space Center in Five Hours - Titusville, FL - 4 pm to 5 pm

Timeline and sights:

4 pm to 5 pm - Visit the Space Shuttle Atlantis and the Shuttle Launch Experience

GPS: N28° 31.485; W080° 40.831

The Shuttle Experience is reached by entering the Atlantis Exhibit building where you view two consecutive multimedia presentations. The doors then open to reveal the Space Shuttle Atlantis suspended with its payload bay doors opened such that it appears to be in orbit around the Earth.

Entrance to Space Shuttle Atlantis and the Shuttle Launch Experience
First Multimedia Presentation

Second Multimedia Presentation

Space Shuttle Atlantis

The Shuttle Launch Experience is the newest attraction at the Kennedy Space Center. It is very popular and a bit time consuming to reach; so, plan your time accordingly. Entry to the Space Shuttle Experience line ends about 1 hour before closing.

Enter Where You See This Sign

The $60 million ride allows visitors to experience the launch of the space shuttle. This is achieved by being seated in motion chairs while images are projected on a big screen at the front of the ride. Lights and loud sounds accompany the presentation.

Luckily, The Line Was Short
Scary Warning Sign
A downward ramp takes you from the Atlantis to the Space Shuttle Experience. About 44 visitors enter a room and are lined up in front of seven doors. When the doors open you are seated inside the Space Shuttle Simulator. After a series of orientations you are rocked back in your chair as the sight and sound show begins. You accurately experience the motions and the forces that astronauts feel during a real shuttle launch.

Shuttle Simulation Information While You Wait

Lining Up To Enter

Have A Seat

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