Saturday, August 17, 2013

Philatelic Photograph: St. Isaac's Cathedral - St. Petersburg, Russia

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St. Isaac's Cathedral
St. Petersburg, Russia

Topic: Philatelic Photographs

GPS: N59° 56.013; E030° 18.415

Quick Description: 

Saint Isaac's Church is located on the north end of St. Isaac's Square in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Long Description:

The present Neo-classical style Russian-Orthodox cathedral was commissioned by Czar Alexander I. Construction began in 1818 under the direction August de Montferrand and was complete 40 years later in 1858. The Cathedral features a Greek cross ground plan covered by a massive gilded central dome which is covered with 220 pounds of gold.

The exterior is composed of gray and pink granite with a total of 72 Corinthian columns weighing between 64 and 114 tons each. The central dome is 333' high and decorated with twelve statues of angels by sculptor Josef Hermann. The dome is the fourth largest church dome in the world.

During the Communist era the cathedral was converted to a museum. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, church services have resumed in the Cathedral but the structure is still primarily functions as a museum.

The stamp was issued by Russia in 2002 as part of a five stamp set to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the founding of St. Petersburg.

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