Thursday, August 8, 2013

Equestrian Statue: Bertrand du Guesclin - Caen, France

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Bertrand du Guesclin Statue
Caen, France
Topic: Equestrian Statues

GPS: N49° 11.030; W000° 22.195

Quick Description: 

An equestrian statue of Bertrand du Guesclin, Constable of France, is located at Place Saint-Martin in Caen, Lower-Normandy, France.

Long Description:

An equestrian statue of Bertrand du Guesclin is located in the middle of a traffic island. This life sized bronze statue created by Arthur J. Le Duc depicts Bertrand du Guesclin riding on a galloping horse. He is wearing a full suit of armor with his visor raised. He is drawing his sword from its scabbard on his left side while he is facing slightly to the right. The horse has both front legs off the ground, his head tilted to the left, and its tail flying straight out behind. The bronze plinth, representing the ground, appears to have a stick across the path of the horse and rider. The statue was created in 1912 and installed in 1922.

The statue rests on a 7' high rectangular granite base. On the front is the inscription:

Le Connetable

Bertrand Du Guesclin
Arthur J. Le Duc
1848 - 1918

Bertrand du Guesclin was a knight from Brittany and French military commander during the Hundred Years' War. He was born into a minor noble family at Motte-Broons near Dinan, in Brittany about 1320. During the Breton War of Succession (1341–1364), he supported Charles of Blois who, in turn, was supported by the French king.

He was knighted in 1354 after countering a raid by Hugh Calveley on the Castle of Montmuran. Using guerrilla tactics, he successfully defended the City of Rennes against an English siege by Henry of Grosmont. His victory over the army of Jean de Grailly helped the French king Charles secure Burgundy for his brother Philip.

In 1366, Bertrand du Guesclin led an expedition to Spain to help Henry of Trastámara against king Pedro I. In 1369 Bertrand and Henry defeated Pedro I decisively at the Battle of Montiel. Following Pedro I's death at the hands of Henry of Trastámara, Henry obtained the throne of Castille. Bertrand was made Duke of Molina sealing the Franco-Castllian alliance.

Shortly thereafter the war with England was renewed. In 1370, Bertrand Du Guesclin was recalled from Castile and, on October 2nd, was appointed the chief military leader of France with the title Constable of France.

He then defeated an English army led by Robert Knolles at the Battle of Pontvallain. In 1372, the Franco-Castillan fleet destroyed the English fleet at the Battle of La Rochelle and Bertrand du Guesclin organized destructive raids on the English coasts. He pursued the English into Brittany from 1370 to 1374, and defeated again the English army at the Battle of Chizé in 1373. He reconquered much of France from the English before he died of illness at Chateauneuf-de-Randon while on a military expedition in Languedoc in 1380.


  1. Caen ..una ciudad pequeña pero no menos encantadora Llena de monumentos ..un sitio especial ..donde pude pensar que aun la bellesa coexiste.t Soler

  2. I like fall so much that he would return one mellon occasions ... without fear of fatigue .. small city full of life