Thursday, August 15, 2013

McDonald's: Bolshaya Morskaya, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Bolshaya Morskaya McDonald's
St. Petersburg, Russia
Topic: McDonald's

GPS: N59° 56.115; E030° 18.982

Quick Description:

One of two McDonald's restaurants in the Admiralty section of Saint Petersburg, Russia

Long Description:

You may not be able to transliterate the Cyrillic script but there is no doubt about the identity of this McDonald's restaurant at St. Petersburg, Russia and that is open 24 hours.

A familiar sight when you are a long way from home. This McDonald's is located in a beautiful former palace building from the Soviet era in the Admiralty section of St. Petersburg. The menu is in Russian, but the large pictures next to the words assure that you are getting your Big Mac fix and restroom stop on your way to or from visiting the must see attractions in the Alexander Garden.

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