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Equestrian Statues: Nicholas I Monument, St. Petersburg, Russia

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Nicholas I Monument
St. Petersburg, Russia
Topic: Equestrian Statues

GPS: N59° 55.920; E030° 18.512

Quick Description: 

The monument to Nicolas I is located at St. Isaac's Square (Isaakievskaya Square) in front of St. Isaac's Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia

Long Description:

The monument to the Russian ruler Nicholas I on St. Isaac's Square was built by renowned Russian architect August Monferrane between 1856 and 1859. it is located just southeast of St. Isaac's Cathedral which was also built by Monferrane.

Nicholas I was the ruler of Russia from 1825 to 1855. He famously crushing the liberal Decembrist revolt and was responsible for the expansion of Russian territory at the expense of neighboring countries.

Nicholas I is shown high up on a baroque base made of red Finnish granite with Italian white marble at the top. He strikes a powerful pose while mounted on a horse dressed in military regalia. Nicholas I has both feet in the stirrups while his horse is rearing with both feet off the ground.

Several different sculptures were used in creating this huge monument. The model of the horse on which Nicholas I sits was completed by the Russian classical sculptor Peter Klodt. N. Ramazanov and R. Zaleman sculpted the model of the monument's pedestal. Zaleman also sculpted the four allegorical female figures, and ornaments on the pedestal and bas-relief showing the historic and significant events during the rule of Nicholas I.

Peter Klodt completed the casting of the statue and two bas-reliefs in the Liteinoy artist's studio of the Academy of Arts. The remaining bronze parts were cast at a local foundry.

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