Monday, January 7, 2013

Roadside Attraction/Zippy The Pinhead Location: Frog Rock - Eastford, CT

Frog Rock
"Rawk and Roll"
Eastford, CT

N 41° 52.119 W 072° 03.042

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Quick Description: 

Frog Rock is located on the north side of U. S. Route 44 in the quiet northeastern Connecticut town of Eastford.

Long Description:

Frog Rock is a painted glacial erratic boulder in a former rest stop along U. S. Route 44 now known as Frog Rock Roadside Park. Westbound traffic can easily spot the pull off which is all that remains of the rest stop. The remainder is overgrown with new growth trees; but the ground retains its broken asphalt pavement. From the pull off you can see the frog through the trees, about 75' into the woods. It's quite a dramatic view.

The frog is painted amphibian green, with a white eye and mouth. The 12' high frog rests a a flat rock ledge in sitting position. This simulacra boulder has been a roadside attraction for quite a while. A nearby rock has painted on it:

Frog Rock
T. J. Thurber

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  1. Hey, Nice pics of the frog. I'd like to use one in a book I'm working. Let me know if I have permission and who to credit. Thanks.