Friday, January 18, 2013

Mural: History Of Women in Northampton, MA

History Of Women in Northampton From 1600 To 1980 
Northampton, MA

Topic: Mural

GPS: N42° 19.107; W072° 37.979

Quick Description: 

A 3216 square foot mural depicts the history of women, both known and unknown, in Northampton from 1600 to 1980.

Long Description:

The Hestia Art Collective of five local artist created this huge mural in downtown Northampton. It depicts women of all walks of life who made a contribution to the history of Northampton. The figure on the left is Susanne Lathrop, a painter who along with her sisters opened a studio called the Northampton Salon in 1886. On the extreme right is Sojourner Truth an abolitionist and women's rights activist. In between are women from the past, both known and unknown.

The original mural was created in 1980 and updated in 2003 to include six contemporary women. Peace activist Frances Crowe, former Northampton Mayor Mary Ford, current Mayor Clare Higgins, domestic violence activist Yoko Kato, coach Agnes "Gush" Valenta, former Smith College President Ruth Simmons, and Jessie Benoit, a friend to the homeless and needy.

The collective was named after the Greek goddess Hestia, the keeper of the eternal flame. The group included and included Linda Bond, Mariah Fee, Susan Pontious, Rochelle Schieff, and Wednesday

City: Northampton
Location Name: Verizon Building - 61 Masonic Street
Artist: Linda Bond, Mariah Fee, Susan Pontious, Rochelle Schieff, and Wednesday
Date: 2003
Media: paint on brick

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