Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mosaic: Mary & Jesus - Tallinn, Estonia

Mary and Young Jesus
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Tallinn, Estonia
Topic: Mosaics

GPS: N59° 26.142; E024° 44.336

Quick Description: 

A golden mosaic of the Mary and Young Jesus occupies the pediment above the main entrance to the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

Long Description:

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is an Russian Orthodox church on the Toompea Hill section of Tallinn's Old Town, Estonia. It was designed by Mikhail Preobrazhensky in Russian Revival style. Construction began in 1894 and was completed in 1900. At that time present day Estonia was part of the Russian Empire. The cathedral is dedicated to Saint Alexander Nevsky, who in 1242, won the Battle of the Ice on Lake Peipus in Estonia.

In this mosaic, Mary is depicted wearing a scarlet robe with her hands outstretched with her palms up. The image of a young Jesus is contained with a circle inside the image of Mary. Jesus is holding a scroll in his left hand while holding up his right hand with his index and middle fingers crossed. In both cases their heads are encircled by halos. Many of the mosaic tiles in the background are covered with gold.

                                             Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
                                                   Lossi Plats 10
                                                 Tallinn, Estonia

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