Friday, January 4, 2013

Philatelic Photograph: Motif #1 - Rockport, MA

Interesting Places I've Photographed
Motif #1
Rockport, MA
Topic: Philatelic Photograph

GPS: N42° 39.550; W070° 36.887

Quick Description: 

Motif #1 is located on Bradley Wharf in Rockport, MA.

Long Description:

Motif #1 is the most painted building in America. It is a fishing shack well known to artist and art historians. It was built in the 1840s just when Rockport became a haven for artists. It became the favorite subject for burgeoning and experienced artists. It has since become the iconic symbol of Rockport, Cape Ann, Massachusetts and maritime new England.

Painter Lester Hornby (1882–1956) is believed to be the first to call the shack Motif #1 because of its popularity with artists and the public. Most everyone who visits Rockport takes a photo of this subject.

Converted to a private studio, it was sold to the town in 1945. The shack was destroyed by the blizzard of 1978 and immediately thereafter an exact replica was rebuilt.

The stamp was issued by the United Stated in on April 4, 2002 as Massachusetts' representative in the greetings from America series.

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