Monday, October 3, 2016

Roadside Attraction: Hood Milk Bottle Building - Boston, MA

Hood Milk Bottle Building
Boston, MA

N 42° 21.102 W 071° 03.012

Short Description: 

The Hood Milk Bottle Building is located in front of the Boston Children's Museum at 300 Congress Street, Boston, MA.

Long Description:

The bottle building was built in 1934 by Arthur Gagner. It was originally used to sell his homemade ice cream on Route 44 in Taunton, MA. It was subsequently abandoned until it was purchased and renovated by the HP Hood dairy company and donated to the Boston Children’s Museum in 1977.

The bottle is 40 feet tall and weighs 15,000 pounds. It would require about 58,620 gallons of milk to fill the bottle. At the base of the bottle is an ice cream stand and snack bar. Tables and chairs are placed along the surrounding patio to accommodate the needs of visitors.

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