Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Lions International Markers: Lion's Memorial - Providence, RI

Lions Memorial
Providence, RI

N 41° 46.922 W 071° 24.910

Short Description: 

The Lions Memorial, in memory of the Lions Club members of Rhode Island, is located in Roger Williams Park at the junction of Pine Hill and Maple Avenues in Providence, RI.

Long Description:

A 2' high by 2' wide by 6.25' long Westerly granite statue of a lion stands on a 4' by 2' by 6.75' granite base. The male lion is depicted in a stalking position, crouching down with all four feet on the ground. His front right foot is forward and his rear hind leg is set back. The granite plinth is higher in front and curves downward so that the head of the lion appears raised. The sculpture is surrounded by a low iron fence. The monument was created by the Bonner Monument Company.

On the front of the base is the emblem of Lions International and the inscription:


The monument was erected by the Lions of the 42nd District of Rhode Island on September 11, 1960.

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