Monday, September 19, 2016

Bermuda: Student a Shona Sculpture - Hamilton, Pembroke Parish

Queen Elizabeth Park
Hamilton, Pembroke Parish

N 32° 17.564 W 064° 47.218

Short Description: 

The Shona style sculpture, "Student", is located in Queen Elizabeth Park in Hamilton, Bermuda.
Location: Bermuda

Long Description:

Jonothan Mhondorohuma has carved "Student" a 4' high seated figure from springstone a variety of black serpentine. The "Student" is sitting on a 1.5' cubic limestone base set on top of a 6" high square floor level base. The barefooted figure is wearing a textured one piece outfit. The right hand of the student is placed on the right side of his bald round head. His right elbow is resting on an open book that he is holding on his lap with his left hand.

A sign on the side of the base gives background material. It is inscribed:

Jonothan Mhondorohuma
Zimbabwean, 1974
"Student" from the Book Reader Series, 2006
Collection of the Bermuda National Gallery
Gift of Dusty Hind and Barara O'Shaughnessy

Shona Sculpture, also called Zimbanwe Sculpture is widely
accepted as the most important art movement to emerge from
Africa in the twentieth century. Mhondorohuma's subject matter
is seen as classical and innovative almost always involving 
human activity and ranging from cultural Shona customs to daily
life. His "Book Reader" series in particular has received wide
acclaim and is currently an area he continues to explore. He is
currently a widely exhibiting artist and is regarded as one of the
major talents of the Shona sculptors.

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