Saturday, September 10, 2016

Bermuda: Globe Hotel from the Steps of St. Peter's Church - St. George

Globe Hotel from the 
Steps of St. Peter's Church
St. George, St. George's Parish

N 32° 22.882 W 064° 40.647

Short Description: 

The view depicted on the stamp is facing east along Duke of York Street towards the north side of the Globe Hotel from the steps St. Peter's Church.

Long Description:

The stamp issued by Bermuda in 1962 depicts a street scene in the UNESCO World Heritage Town of St. George. Two features of the stamp identify the location. The large building on the right is easily identified by the distinctive pair of large chimneys as the Globe Hotel. The lamppost at the left of the stamp is on the stairway to St. Peter's Church.

During the Civil War the U.K. was officially neutral but sentiment in the U.K. as divided. However, trade continued with both the Union and the Confederacy. The U.K. relied on cotton from the Confederacy to supply its textile mills but a Union blockage was in effect. Nonetheless, blockade runners managed to ship munitions to the South and cotton to the U.K.

Today the Globe Hotel is a museum operated Bermuda National Trust Museum, it features an exhibit called Rogues and Runners: Bermuda and the American Civil War.

The Globe Hotel in St. George, Bermuda was the home of a Confederate Major that facilitated the blockade runners. A blue plaque on east chimney on the Duke of York Street side of the Globe Hotel is inscribed:


From this building Confederate shipping agent
Major Norman Walker coordinated the flow of guns,
ammunition and other supplies through the Union 
blockade during the Civil War


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