Thursday, June 16, 2016

Decorated Utility Box: Faces - Springfield, MA

Springfield, MA

N 42° 06.163 W 072° 35.094

Short Description: 

A painted utility box on the easternmost intersection of State and Maple Streets (there are two such intersections 100' apart) in Springfield, MA is painted with the theme of faces.

Long Description:

Eighteen artists have been chosen by the Springfield Central Cultural District to paint and beautify electrical utility boxes in the downtown area of Springfield. The first boxes were painted on Monday May 23, 2016 and the program will continue throughout the month and beyond. Many of the paintings will be sponsored by local organizations and businesses. This painted utility box was sponsored by Painting with a Twist and Inspired Marketing

Chris Gann has created a utility box using an unusual technique. From a distance street side is the full face portrait of a man. If you look closely you will notice the portrait is made up of a mosaic hundreds of individually painted faces. The east side uses the same technique to create a to co-joined faces in profile. The sidewalk side has a grouping of four faces done in the traditional manner. The west side adds butterflies, paint brushes in a glasses of wine (Painting with a Twist is an organization that combines wine tasting with painting) to many smaller portraits.

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