Saturday, June 11, 2016

Decorated Utility Box: Doughnuts - Springfield, MA

Springfield, MA

N 42° 06.257 W 072° 35.364

Short Description: 

A painted utility box on the southwest corner of Dwight and Hillman Streets in Springfield, MA features a large array of doughnuts.

Long Description:

Eighteen artists have been chosen by the Springfield Central Cultural District to paint and beautify electrical utility boxes in the downtown area of Springfield. The first boxes were painted on Monday May 23, 2016 and the program will continue throughout the month and beyond. Many of the paintings will be sponsored by local organizations and businesses. This painted utility box was sponsored by the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Perhaps inspired by Andy Warhol painting of pop art icons, Andrea Newland has created a painted utility box featuring an array of doughnuts. The box has a green background on all four sides. The front of the sidewalk side has six rows containing 21 of of these tasty toroids. The street side has seven rows containing 23 mostly complete doughnuts. The north side adds 12 doughnuts and the south side has 18 more. As if this was not a sufficient number of doughnuts, there are a dozen more doughnuts painted against a blue background on the top of the utility box. In all, there are 86 doughnuts decorating the utility box.

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