Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mural: Winter Haze - Montréal, PQ, Canada

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Winter Haze
Montréal, PQ, Canada
Topic: Murals

GPS: N45° 30.765; W073° 33.810

Quick Description: 

This huge mural occupies the entire south wall of an apartment building complex. The mural was created by David Guinn and Phillip Adams in 2009 with sponsorship from several community groups. it is located at 155 - 255 Maisonneuve Boul. Est.  

Long Description:

Winter Haze is part of the Seasons-in-Montréal series of murals. Artists David Guinn and Phillip Adams use the colors of purple and white to depict a snow and ice covered park-like landscape. Two men in winter clothing are carrying on a conversation while standing under a leafless, snow-covered tree. In the background a large group of people appear to be ice skating in an open area around a few small conifer trees.

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