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Relief Art Sculpture: Chopin On The Piano And His Muse - Parc Monceau - Paris, France

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Chopin On The Piano And His Muse
Parc Monceau
Paris, France
Topic: Relief Art Sculpture

by Jacques Charles François Marie Froment-Meurice (1906)
Detail of Sculpture

GPS: N48° 52.763; E 002° 18.366

Quick Description: 

The high-relief sculpture entitled "Chopin On The Piano And His Muse" is located in the northwest corner of Parc Monceau (8th arrondissement) in Paris, France.

Long Description:

This beautifully striking relief sculptures depicts Frédéric François Chopin in the process of composing a piece of work, said to be the Funeral March, on the piano (French - Chopin au piano et sa muse). It was sculpted in marble by Jacques Charles François Marie Froment-Meurice in 1906.

The approximately 10' high by 5' square relief sculpture features the pianist Chopin, wearing a long frock coat composing on a piano partially covered with a drape. A woman is at his feet with the drape over her head. She is leaning back against the piano while holding her head with her right hand, apparently in grief and mourning. Above, his muse, represented by an angel figure, looks down on the scene. Inscribed on the right side of the sculpture is:

1810 - 1849

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