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Clocks: La Conciergerie Horloge - Paris, France

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La Conciergerie Horloge (Clock)
Paris, France
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La Conciergerie Horloge

La Conciergerie Clock Tower

GPS: N48° 51.370; E002° 20.781

Quick Description: 

The Conciergerie Clock is located on the clock tower of La Conciergerie at the aptly named Quai de l'Horloge and the Pont au Change in Paris.

Long Description:

The Conciergerie Horloge (Clock) has recently been completely restored to its magnificent splendor. La Conciergerie was the Palace of French Kings from the 10th century until they moved to the Louvre in 1358. The Conciergerie became a prison in 1391 and played a significant and dramatic role during the 1789 French Revolution.

La Conciergerie was the site of France's first public clock, installed around 1370. The current clock replaced the older clock and dates from 1535.

The gilded clock contains the Latin inscription below the clock:

"Machina quae bis sex tam juste dividit horas, justitiam servare monet legesque tueri".

Translation: “This mechanism which divides time in perfectly equal twelve hours invites you to the administration of justice and the respect of laws”.

Above the clock is the inscription:

Qui dedit ante duas triplicem dabit ille coronam”.

Translation: “He who has already given two crowns will be given a third crown”.

This refers to King Henri III (September 19, 1551 – August 2, 1589) who was simultaneously king of Poland and France.

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