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WWII Monuments: Milford CT

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World War II Monument
Milford, CT
Topic: WWII Monuments

GPS: N41° 13.315; W073° 03.461

Quick Description: 

Milford's World War II Monument is located on the Milford Green in the downtown area of Milford.

Long Description:

Milford's World War II Monument was dedicated by the City of Milford on August 13, 1995 as a tribute to the men and women who served their country in time of need and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II. The monument is a bronze sculpture of five figures position on a large granite base. The sculptor of the monument is John Blair, a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia.

Five members of the military, representing various branches, are shown in action. Two figures are facing west and three are facing east. A soldier (Marine) is facing west while kneeling on his left knee. He is carrying an assault weapon and in his left hand on the trigger and his right hand near the barrel. He is wearing suspenders and has a canteen on his left hip. Behind him stands an aviator (Army Air Corp) wearing a flight helmet with goggles on his head. A parachute pack hangs off his shoulders and down his back. Behind the aviator and facing east is a WAC (Women's Army Corp). She is smartly dressed with a skirt, jacket, and cap and appears to be wearing silk stocking on her legs. To her right is a sailor (Navy). He is standing upright while wearing a life jacket over his uniform. At the east side is another soldier (Army). He is kneeling on his right knee with his butt resting on the back of his right leg. In his hands he is holding a rifle with his right hand on the trigger. A canteen hangs from his belt on his left side.

On the north and south sides of the base there are identical plaques which are inscribed:

1941 {Honorable Discharge Emblem} 1945

On the ground at the east end of the base is a plaque with the names of the monument committee. The plaque has inscribed the following names:

Memorial Committee
William J. Moffet – President
Leopold Bisson
Burt Bond
Wayne Carson
Mario Ditroia
Ernest Dubois
Don Elliott
Edward Filanowski
George Frye
Cornelius Heyse, Jr.
Alan Jepson
Mike Kivic
Paul A. Lahr, Jr.
Dayle Leland
George J. Martelon
Elvera McGuire
Daniel T. Meisenheimer, Jr.
Jim Merrill
Eleanor Myers
Harold Murray, Jr.
Peter Penkala
John Poole
Sigismund (Ziggy) Skibek
Winthrop (Pink) Smith
Salvatore Vitale
Joseph Von Dietsch
Marcus White
Don Wright
And All Who Served

The details I received from City of Milford officials about this monument reveal that there is a time capsule underneath the bronze ground plaque. It contains memorabilia and photographs of the World War II years and of 1995. The capsule will be opened on August 13, 2045, on the 100th anniversary of the end of World War II.

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