Friday, December 14, 2012

Mosaic: American Indian Portrait

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American Indian Portrait Mosaic
Shelburne, MA
Topic: Mosaic

GPS: N42° 36.211; W072° 44.380

Quick Description: 

The American Indian Portrait mosaic is located on the Deerfield Avenue side of the Rod & Gun Club building .

Long Description:

The Deerfield River divides the village of Shelburne Falls. The east side is in the town of Shelburne and the west side is in the town of Buckland. The Shelburne Falls Mosaic Project was a community wide effort to celebrate the beauty of the rural area around Shelburne Falls. Artist Cynthia Fisher designed and created 10 3’ x 3’ mosaic panels that represent each of the hill-towns of this area of western Massachusetts. In addition, the project included two larger panels entitled "The Deerfield River" and the "American Indian Portrait".

The visitors center has a map showing the location the 12 mosaics. Each mosaic is labelled from 1 to 12. The American Indian Portrait is number 5. The mosaic depicts the life and culture of three Native American tribes that inhabited this area: the Mohegan, Mahican and Pocumtuck. The central motif shows traditional fishing on the Salmon Falls area of the Deerfield River, a place today known as the potholes. The Atlantic Salmon is shown in the lower right corner. There is also a wigwam, canoes, and Native Americans dying of disease.

Rod and Gun Club
15 Bridge Street
Shelburne Falls, MA United States

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