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Abraham Lincoln: Career Column - East Hartford, CT

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Career Column
East Hartford, CT
Topic: Abraham Lincoln
Career Column - Front

The Career Column - Back
N 41° 46.122 W 072° 39.812

Quick Description: 

Career Column is the title of a silhouette cut-out sculpture located at the Lincoln Financial Sculpture Walk at Riverfront in East Hartford, CT.

Long Description:

Sixteen abstract and traditional sculptures related to the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln are installed along the Lincoln Financial Sculpture Walk at Riverfront in Hartford and East Hartford.

The Career Column recounts the many positions that Abraham Lincoln held during is life. A 7' tall rectangular column has seven cut out images, four on one side three on the other, of Lincoln engaged in various professions. The following professions are listed on the narrow sides: lawyer, politician, postmaster, storekeeper, inventor, surveyor, and circuit judge.

A plaque adjacent to the sculpture is inscribed:

{Profile of Lincoln}
Walk at

{five wavy lines}

Career Column
Gar Waterman, 2005

"The way for a young man to rise is to improve himself in every way he can."

Abraham Lincoln's road to the White House was paved
with a variety of careers. In addition to farming, he
worked as a rail-splitter, floatboatman, and manual laborer.
Later, he was hired as a clerk for a store in New Salem,
Illinois and soon opened his own store. When the Black
Hawk War broke out in 1832, Lincoln captained a
volunteer company. After serving as postmaster and
deputy surveyor, he was elected to the state legislature in
1834 and began to study law. he received his law
license in 1836 and went into practice in 1837. Lincoln was
reelected to the legislature in 1836, 1838 and 1840 and was
elected to Congress in 1846. After serving in Congress,
Lincoln set aside his political aspirations to practice law,
but the repeal of the Missouri Compromise (allowing the
expansion of slavery) ignited a passion that ultimately led
to his presidential run in 1860.

The Lincoln Financial is an insurance company based in Philadelphia with offices in Hartford.

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