Saturday, November 4, 2017

Philatelic Photograph: Champlain Monument - Quebec City, PQ, Canada

Champlain Monument
Quebec City, PQ

N 46° 48.757 W 071° 12.277

Short Description: 

The Chaplain Monument honors the founder of Quebec. It is located at the north end of the Dufferin Terrace in old section of Quebec City.

Long Description:

A 16 meter high monument honors the explorer and founder of the city of Quebec, Samuel de Champlain. At the top of the monument is a 4.25 meter high bronze statue of Champlain.

The statue of Champlain was created by the French sculptor Paul Chevré and dedicated on September 21, 1898. The statue depicts Champlain holding hat with a feather in his right hand and a roll of papers in his left hand. A bronze high relief on the front of the base has three allegorical figures. The woman is writing about the achievements and history of Quebec. To her right a child symbolizes the Genius of Navigation. At the top, an allegory of fame with outstretched wings is sounding a trumpet.

One side of the base is inscribed in English:


Born at Brouage in Saintonce
about 1567 _ Served in the French 
Army as Marechal des Locis
under Henri IV._ Explored the 
West Indies from 1599 to 1601 and also
Acadia from 1604 to 1607

Founded Quebec in 1608
Discovered the region of the Great 
lakes. Led several Expeditions
against Iroquois from 1609 to
1615. Was successively lieutenant 
Governor and Governor of New
France. Died at Quebec 25th Dbre 1635

The stamp was issued on June 1, 1935 as the high value of a set of 11 definitive stamps.

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