Thursday, May 18, 2017

Roadside Attraction: UFO Close Encounter Monument - Sheffield, MA

UFO Close Encounter Monument
Sheffield, MA

N 42° 07.447 W 073° 21.248

Short Description:

 A granite monument, containing an official citation from the Governor of Massachusetts, marks the spot where the Reed Family claims to have had a physical encounter with a UFO. It is located east of the Old Covered Bridge in Sheffield, MA.

Long Description:

The monument is in the area where Thomas Reed and his younger brother saw a UFO in 1966, 1967 and again in 1969.When Thomas Reed was 6 years old he reports being taken aboard a circular looking vessel by extra-terrestrial beings. In the fall of 1969 he and his younger brother Matthew experienced bright bursts of light through their bedroom window. Thomas was engulfed in the light and his brother was now speaking to an empty bed. An odd stillness ensued and their mother, Nancy, and their grandmother, Marian, were experiencing a cataleptic state.

For decades Thomas Reed worked to have his story vindicated. On November 3, 2015 he obtained a "Citation of Recognition" from the Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The UFO monument reproduces the citation on the black painted granite monument. The citation is inscribed:

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
{Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts}
Thomas E. Reed

On behalf of the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
I am pleased to confer upon you this Governor's Citation in recognition
of the off-world incident on September 1st, 1969, which engaged the Reed Family, which
has been established. Your dedicated service to the incident was factually upheld,
founded, and deemed historically significant and true by means of Massachusetts
Historians. The records highlighting the historic event are now officially part of the
Great Barrington, MA Historical Society's Collection and your recent induction into
Massachusetts History

This Third Day of November in the year 2015

{signed}                       {signed}
Charles D. Baker          Karyn E. Polito
          Governor                       Lieutenant Governor


  1. I was at the park on May 28th 2017. The park looked like a park, not like this at all, but yes still being developed. I was told the black paint was to cover nasty graffiti. We sat on sponsored benches from the Roswell UFO Museum, and some celebrities. the link:

    I was just there last week.

  2. That’s not a claim; it's inducted in United States history, per the State plaque. I do understand that the event itself was in 1969, although while driving in a car. (Not in a bedroom) This is why the Monument is on that old dirt road. Fascinating really, and the area does look different than the photo.