Sunday, January 8, 2017

Philatelic Photograph: St. John's Co-Cathedral Bell and Clock Tower - Valletta, Malta

St. John's Co-Cathedral
Bell and Clock Tower
Valletta, Malta

N 35° 53.844 E 014° 30.744

Short Description: 

The bell and clock Tower of St. John's Co-Cathedral is located on the south side of the cathedral in St. John's Square, Valletta, Malta

Long Description:

Saint John's Co-Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church in the middle of Valletta, Malta. It was commissioned by Grand Master Jean de la Cassière as the Conventual Church of Saint John for worship by the Knights of the Order of St. John. The Co-cathedral was built of limestone in the Mannerism style by the between 1572 and 1577. It was designed by the Maltese architect Girolamo Cassar.

The bell and clock tower has several unusual features. At the top are a group if three bells. The two smaller bells at the bottom ring together. Above and slightly in front of this pair of bells is a larger bell. Below in an arched opening is the largest bell which weighs 7000 kg (15400 lbs). Below this bell is a balcony from which a newly selected Grand Master would be announced to the Knights and the people of the town. He would throw silver coins into the crowd.

Below the balcony is a large single-hand clock. Lower and to the left is a dial which indicates the date in Arabic numbers. To the right is a dial that indicates the day of the week of the week in Latin abbreviations.

The stamp was issued by Malta in April 2012 as part of a set of eight stamps depicting various celebrations.

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