Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fountain: Fontana Monumentale - Tarquinia, Lazio, Italy

Fontana Monumentale
Lazio, Italy

N 42° 15.259 E 011° 45.510

Short Description: 

The Fontana Monumentale (Monumental Fountain) is located in the in Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, opposite the Town Hall at in Tarquinia, Italy.

Long Description:

This marble fountain contains a circular basin which has four risers with bearded masks on either side from which a pair of jets of water fall into the basin below. In the center is a column topped by an iron cross. Water also falls into the basin from the mouths of faces sculpted on the four corners of the base of the column. The four dadoes of the decorative base contain: the coat of arms Pope Innocent III Conti on the north side, Cardinal R.Imperiali on the west side, and that of Corneto on the south side. The inscription on the east side states that Joseph Ren. Cardinal Imperiali, prefect of Good Government, had completed the new aqueduct in the year 1724.

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