Friday, March 18, 2016

Figurative Sculpture: Skating - Cocoa Beach, FL

Cocoa Beach, FL

N 28° 21.372 W 080° 36.484

Short Description: 

A series of sculptures depicting people engaged in outdoor activities are on display in front of the Ron Jon Surf Shop at 4151 North Atlantic Avenue, Cocoa beach, FL. This one depicts two different forms of skating.

Long Description:

The artist, John Underwood, calls these sculptures - life form sand sculptures - because the exterior of these fiberglass sculptures are coated with a material resembling sand. The sculpture was installed in 1996.

A circular 4' high yellow wall is planted with hedges. In the center of the hedges a 8' high skateboards half-pipe rises from a square supporting column. One end is higher than the other. On the high end a life-size boy wearing a T-shirt and pants along with protective gear, a helmet and knee pads, crouches on a skateboard. He is holding the backside of the skateboard with his left hand while his right arm is pointing right into the air above his head.

On the lower end a life-size girl wearing a ponytail, blouse, and shorts crouches almost into a seating position on a pair of in-line skates. Her left arm is pointing forward and her right arm is pointing slightly downward.

An aluminum plaque on one of the sculptures is inscribed:

Life Form
Sand Sculptures
Designed in Australia
by John Underwood

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