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Tribute to Rod Serling - Gravesite - Lake View Cemetery, Interlaken, NY

Rod Serling Gravesite
Lake View Cemetery
Interlaken, NY

N 42° 37.658 W 076° 43.208

Short Description: 

The grave of award winning screenwriter, playwright, and television producer Rod Serling is located in section G of Lake View Cemetery, County Road 150, in Interlaken, NY.

Long Description:

The gravesite of Rodman E. Serling is marked by a simple United States military issued granite marker which is inscribed:

DEC 25 1924      JUNE 28, 1975

Rodman Edward Serling was born on December 25, 1924 in Syracuse, NY. He grew up in Binghamton, NY where his family moved in 1926 and graduated Binghamton Central High School in 1943. He then joined the army served in the 511th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 11th Airborne Division during World War II.

His writing career began by writing contest winning radio scripts. In 1950, He became employed as a professional writer for radio station WLW radio in Cincinnati, OH. Thereafter, Serling began writing for television. The now classic television series, The science fiction show, Twilight Zone, was created by Serling and premiered on CBS on October 2, 1959. The show has brought lasting fame to Serling due to both the innovative scripts and the enbedded social message. The show ran for five years and 156 episodes, 92 of which were written by Serling. Later he wrote A Carol for Another Christmas, a television movie and Night Gallery, a Gothic horror series which focused the occult.

Serling suffered a heart attack and died on June 28, 1975 in Rochester, NY. He is buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Interlaken, NY.

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