Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Gravesite: Battle of Bloody Brook - South Deerfield, MA

Battle of Bloody Brook
Mass Gravesite
South Deefield, MA

N 42° 28.920 W 072° 36.231

Short Description: 

The mass grave of Capt. Lathrop and Men is on the front lawn of a family residence in South Deerfield.

Long Description:

This historic grave site in South Deefield is on the front lawn of the house on 100 North Main Street. It dates back to the King Philip's War which was waged between the settlers and Indians in New England in 1675. Captain Lathrop was killed at the Battle of Bloody Brook on September 18, 1675. This war had the most casualties, per capita, than any other war in American history. The a slate ground level slab is inscribed:

Capt. Lathrop 
Men Slain
by the 

Various researchers have compiled a list of the men killed at the Battle of Bloody Brook and buried in the mass grave. They are: 


Capt. Thomas Laythrop
Sergt. Thomas Smith
Samuel Stevens
John Hobs
Daniel Button
John Harriman
Caleb Kemball
Thomas Hobs
Robert Homes
Edward Traske
Richard Lambert
Josiah Dodge
George Ropes
Joseph Kinge
Thomas Alexander
Francis Friende
Abel Osyer
John Litleale
Thomas Bayley
Ezekiel Sawier
Jacob Kilborne
Thomas Manninge
Jacob Waynwritt
Benjamin Roper
John Bennett
Thomas Mentor
Peter Woodberry
Joseph Bolch
Samuel Whitteridge
William Duy
Sergt Samuel Stevens
Samuel Crumpton
John Plum
Thomas Buckley
Samuel Hudson
Adam Clarke
Ephraim Farah
Robert Wilson
Steven Welman
Benjamin Farnell
Solomon Alley
John Merrit 


Robert Hinsdall
Samuel Hinsdall
Barnabas Hinsdall
John Hinsdall
Joseph Gillett
John Allin
Joshua Carter
John Barnard
James Tufts
Jonathan Plimpton
Philip Barsha
Thomas Weller
William Smeade
Zebadiah Williams
Eliakim Marshall
James Mudge
George Cole

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