Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wood Carving: Timepiece - St. John, NB, Canada

St. John
New Brunswick, Canada

N 45° 16.373 W 066° 03.806

Short Description: 

Timepiece is a painted wood carving by John Hooper and Jack Massey which is actually a working clock. It is located at the entrance to Market Place Square in the waterfront area of St. John, New Brunswick.

Long Description:

"Timepiece" is a clock tower by a Saint John artist John Hooper in collaboration with Jack Massey in 1984. All of Hooper's wood carvings are related, in some way, to man's involvement with time. In this case , three life-size ordinary people are siting at the base of the clock. A Mother is holding a baby, a biker has his arms folded, and an old man with a cap is leaning on a cane. At the rotating top are four smaller figures, three men and a women, are engaged in various activities: men are using a sextant, telescope, and cell phone and the woman is looking at her wristwatch. At the very top four very small figures are siting at a card table.

The clock does not have a face or hands. A snake and the figures above it slowly rotate around the top so that the snake’s tail indicates the time on a numbered dial below. The clock was fully restored in 2011-2012.

From the link below: "All of the carvings, made of Honduras mahogany, are related, in some way, to man's involvement with time."

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