Monday, August 10, 2015

Wood Carving: People Waiting - St. John, NB, Canada

People Waiting
St. John, New Brunswick

N 45° 16.361 W 066° 03.752

Short Description: 

John Hooper's brightly painted wood carving grouping, titled "People Waiting", is located at the foot of King Street in St. Andrew’s Bicentennial Square in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Long Description:

About 1976 Canada Post commissioned English born, Canadian artist John Hooper to create "People Waiting". The wood carving was located in front of the Rothesay Avenue post office for 30 years until it was restored and relocated to its current site on King Street.

A series of eleven life-sized figures are depicted, seemingly waiting for something. The figures include, from left to right, three motorcycle riders, an old man sitting on a bench, a man standing with his hand in his coat pockets, two men and a girl with a pinwheel, a mother and her groceries sitting on a bench with an impatient child, a girl with a hand-held windmill, a mother and child (backwards) sitting on a bench and off to the side a man standing reading a newspaper.

From the link below: "All of the carvings, made of Honduras mahogany, are related, in some way, to man's involvement with time."

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