Thursday, November 7, 2013

Art In The Orchard #22: Cup and Cloth - Easthampton, MA

Interesting Places I've Photographed
Cup and Cloth
Art In The Orchard - 2013
Park Hill Orchard
Easthampton, MA
Topic:  Fountain

GPS of Park Hill Orchard: N42° 17.127; W72° 41.685

Short Description: 

Cup and Cloth is a fountain sculpture by Artelia Court of Easthampton, MA composed of cast iron, copper pipe and galvanized steel.

Artist Description: 

"Water in a receptacle at the base of the fountain is pumped up a copper pipe into the cast iron cup where it pools and spills quietly over one lip dripping onto a cast iron cloth below. it flows to the bottom hem of the cloth then into the receptacle only to be pumped again up to the cup. The iron cloth is formed as if it were ganging over the edge of a table."

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