Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Art In The Orchard #21: Ectomorph - Easthampton, MA

Interesting Places I've Photographed
Art In The Orchard - 2013
Park Hill Orchard
Easthampton, MA
Topic:  Abstract Sculpture
GPS of Park Hill Orchard: N42° 17.127; W72° 41.685

Short Description: 

Ectomorph by Matt Evald Johnson of Easthampton, MA is an abstract sculpture composed of forged and recycled steel.

Artist Description: 

"Ectomorph is an abstract assemblage composed to cause dynamic in the vertical thrust by manual manipulations that narrate the upward sweep.

Ectomorph is a study in the possibilities of the coupling of symmetry and discord; balance and stillness fueled by (visual/material) activity. Some sculptures are effective because they move - and some are effective because they are still. Ectomorph wants to do both."

Valued at: $14,000

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