Saturday, July 27, 2013

Red Telephone Box - London, England

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Red Telephone Box
Near the Royal Treasury
London, England
Topic: Red Telephone Box

GPS: N51° 30.073; W000° 07.660

Quick Description: 

Red Telephone Box is located in front of the Royal Treasury diagonally opposite the northwest corner of Parliament Square.

Long Description:

Traditions live on in England. These old-time red telephone boxes are found all over London and throughout the United Kingdom. These classic British red telephone boxes date from the 1920's, were designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, and made of cast iron. Genuine British red telephone boxes have very heavy doors which take some effort to open.   There are some originals outside of Britain, mostly in former colonies and there are even some in the United States.  

This red telephone box is conveniently located for all tourists to find. It is opposite Parliament Square in front of the Royal Treasury. The telephone box carries plaques indicating was made by the Carron Company of Stirlingshire and was restored by Unicorn Kiosks. It is a K2 type telephone kiosk that was introduced to the streets of London in 1926. 

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