Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fountain: Water Nymphs Fountain - London, England

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Water Nymphs Fountain
London, England
Topic: Fountains

GPS: N51° 30.612; W000° 10.527

Quick Description: 

The Stone Urns and the Water Nymphs fountain is located in the Italian Garden at the head of the Long Water section of the Serpentine in Kensington Gardens in London, England.

Long Description:

At the south edge of the octagonal ponds in the Italian Gardens is a balustrade topped with with stone urns separated by a fountain that separates the Italian Gardens from the water feature known as the Long Water of the Serpentine. Victorian era sculptor John Thomas created the symmetrical sculptured fountain at this junction shortly before his untimely death in 1862 at age 39.

The fountain features two robed and seated water nymphs, each holding a water pitcher. Water pours out of the urns into the Long Water below. Between the nymphs is a central fountain. An ornate pedestal decorated with caryatids rises from the water below. The pedestal supports a scalloped basin. Water rises up a projection in the center of the basin, cascades down into the basis, overflows between the scallops, and falls back into the waters below.

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