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Philatelic Photograph: Nidhe Israel Synagogue Museum - Bridgetown, Barbados

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Nidhe Israel Synagogue Museum
Bridgetown, Barbados
Topic: Philatelic Photographs

GPS: N13° 05.957; W059° 36.914

Quick Description: 

The Nidhe Israel Synagogue Museum is located next to the restored Synagogue on Synagogue Lane between Coleridge Street and Magazine Lane in Bridgetown, Barbados.

Long Description:

The Jewish Synagogue called the Nidle Israel Synagogue (Bet Knesset Nide Yisrael - Synagogue of the Scattered of Israel) is the only synagogue in Bridgetown and is one of the oldest synagogues in the western hemisphere.

The original synagogue building, constructed in 1750, was heavily damaged by the hurricane of 1831. It fell into disrepair and, in 1929, was deconsecrated. It was sold and subsequently underwent many changes of ownership. In 1983, the present synagogue and museum complex was obtained by the Barbados Government. The buildings was saved from being razed and then turned over to the Barbados National Trust for renovation. In 1986 renovation of the synagogue and museum buildings began. Upon completion the synagogue is was restored for use as a synagogue and the adjacent museum was opened to the public. Both are still owned by the Barbados National Trust.

The museum traces Jewish history in Barbados dating back to the arrival of the earliest Jews in 1628 when about 300 Jewish people of Recife, Brazil were persecuted by the Portuguese and settled in Barbados. Exhibits at the Nidhe Israel Museum include a timeline of Jewish settlement in Barbados, artifacts and interactive displays. The museum is between the burial grounds the newer, actively used synagogue.

The stamp was issued by Barbados in 2007 as part of a set of four stamps commemorating the restoration of the Nidhe Synagogue Museum.

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