Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Philatelic Photograph: Independence Arch - Bridgetown, Barbados

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Independence Arch
Bridgetown, Barbados 
Topic: Philatelic Photographs
South Side
North Side
GPS: N13° 05.741; W059° 36.846

Quick Description: 

The Independence Arch is located at the south end of the Chamberlain Bridge that spans the Careenage harbor at the mouth of Constitution River in Bridgetown.

Long Description:

Barbados ceased to be a British colony on November 30th 1966. In 1987, the Independence Arch was completed in time to commemorate the 21st anniversary of independence.

The north and south sides of the arch contains identical images representing the heritage and culture of Barbados. Across the top of the arch is the coat of arms of Barbados which features a flying fish and a pelican flanking the central shield the motto "Pride and Industry" below. Large images of a flying fish and a pelican appear on both the north and south sides of the arch. Above is a vertical display of the pride of Barbados flower. Tridents, the national symbol of Barbados, are in the upper corners. The National Pledge appears at each base of the arch.

The stamp shows an artists drawing of the south side of Independence Arch with the Chamberlain Bridge and the Parliament Building visible through the arch. More recently added market place stalls partially blocks this complete view. The stamp was issued by Barbados in 1967 to commemorate the 1st anniversary of independence.

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