Friday, August 17, 2012

Philatelic Photograph: English Harbour from Shirley Heights

Interesting Places I've Photographed
English Harbour
Shirley Heights, Antigua and Barbuda

GPS: N17° 00.137; W061° 45.296

Quick Description: 

The view of English Harbour from Shirley Heights

Long Description:
At the southeast part of the island of Antigua the British built a naval base at English Harbor to support the ships that protected their interests in the Caribbean. This naval base is now called Nelson's Dockyards in honor of Admiral Horatio Nelson who was the commander of the naval base during its heyday in the 18th century. To protect the dockyard several military fortifications were build. 

At overlooking English Harbour is a strategic site called Shirley Heights, named after General Thomas Shirley, Governor of the Leeward Islands.  This area was once a large military complex, spread out along a ridge, for the defense of the island. There you will find old barracks buildings, a cemetery, a blockhouse, and the lookout. From this lookout you can enjoy the exact same view of the harbor as shown on the 1938 stamp from Antigua. 

The slender peninsula jutting out towards you is Fort Berkeley, whose gun emplacements protected the entrance to the naval base. Nelson's Dockyards are to right and the town of English Harbour is located just below and nestled against the harbor. The Nelson's Dockyards and Fort Berkeley have been restored to their 18th century appearance and the town of English Harbour still retains its earlier charm.

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