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Famous Fictional Characters, Roadside Attraction - Alice in Wonderland Sculpture

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Alice in Wonderland (Margaret Delacorte Memorial)
New York, New York
Topics: Famous Fictional Characters, Roadside Attraction

GPS: N40° 46.502; W073° 57.992

Quick Description:

Large, bronze sculpture of Alice and her friends from the Lewis Carroll classic - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is located in Central Park in New York City.

Long Description:

The statue of Alice and some of the characters from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is located in Central Park just west of 5th Avenue and 76th Street. This bronze statue was commissioned by George Delacorte as a gift to the children of New York and placed in Central Park in 1959. The statue was also meant as a tribute to his late wife, Margarita, who read Alice to their children. Plaques surround the statue with lines from Carroll's nonsense poem, The Jabberwocky.

The statue was created by the Spanish-born American sculptor José de Creeft. The design was taken from illustration by John Tenniel used in the first published edition of the book. It shows Alice (with the face of Creeft's daughter), sitting on a mushroom, surrounded by the the March Hare, the Mad Hatter (a caricature of George Delacorte), the Cheshire Cat, Alice's cat Dinah, and the Dormouse.


Data from the Smithsonian Art Inventory:

Artist: de Creeft, Jose, 1884-1982, sculptor.
Sasaki, Hideo, landscape architect.
Texidor, Fernando, designer.
Sandor, Karsay, assistant.
Modern Art Foundry, founder.

Title: Alice in Wonderland, (sculpture).
Other Titles: Margaret Delacorte Memorial, (sculpture).

Dates: 1959. Dedicated May 7, 1959.

Medium: Sculpture: bronze; Base: Chelmsford granite and stones.

Dimensions: Sculpture: approx. H. 11 ft. Diam. 16 ft.; Base: H. 1 ft. Diam. 39 ft.

Inscription: (Front right:) Jose de Creeft/sculptor (Front left:) F. Texidor/project designer/KarsaySandor/1959 (Back left:) Modern Art Foundry/N.Y. signed Founder's mark appears.

Description: A depiction of the various characters from "Alice in Wonderland" including Alice and her cat Dinah, the March Hare, the Mad Hatter, the Dormouse, and the Cheshire Cat. Alice is seated in the middle on a large mushroom.

Owner: Administered by City of New York, Department of Parks and Recreation, The Arsenal - Central Park, New York, New York 10021 Located by Central Park, Conservatory Pond, New York, New York

Remarks: This piece was commissioned by George Delacorte and was a gift of the George and Margarita Delacorte Foundation. The project designer for the piece was Fernando Texidor. The piece was designed so that children could climb on it.

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