Saturday, July 2, 2016

Decorated Utility Box: Crayon Train - Springfield, MA

All Aboard
Springfield, MA

N 42° 06.317 W 072° 35.455

Short Description: 

A painted utility box on the southwest corner of Dwight and Worthington Streets is painted to represent a child's drawing of a crayon train. It's painted to shine in the dark.
Location: Massachusetts, United States

Long Description:

Eighteen artists have been chosen by the Springfield Central Cultural District to paint and beautify electrical utility boxes in the downtown area of Springfield. The first boxes were painted on Monday May 23, 2016 and the program will continue throughout the month and beyond. Many of the paintings will be sponsored by local organizations and businesses. This painted utility box was sponsored by the Eastern States Exposition.

This utility box was designed by Marc Austin and painted by Marcus Hickey. The design uses primary colors to create a something a child could've drawn. The lower part of the utility box is painted with reflective white paint so that it would shine at night. The upper part is blue, the color of the twilight sky. The street side has three crayons: red, gray and yellow. The south (meter) side has a partial red crayon. The street side has three crayons: gray, yellow and red. The north side has a single yellow crayon. Reflective white paint highlights the crayons and the scattered clouds in the sky.

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