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Women's Rights: First Women's Rights Convention - Seneca Falls, NY

Women's Rights
First Women's Rights Convention in the World
Seneca Falls, NY
Exterior Plaque
GPS: N 42° 54.664 W 076° 47.975

Short Description:

The first Women's Rights Convention in the world took place in the Wesleyan Chapel at just east of 136 Fall Street in Seneca Falls, NY.

Wesleyan Chapel
Wesleyan Chapel 
Long Description:

Interior Plaque

On the east wall of the Wesleyan Chapel and again on the interior wall there is a nicely done bronze plaque identifying this as the site of the first Women's Rights Convention in the world. The plaques have a bas-relief sculpture of a women's rights advocate in period dress and the following inscription:

On this spot stood the Wesleyan Chapel
where the First Woman's Rights Convention
in the World's history was held 
July 19 and 20 1848
Elizabeth Caty Stanton 
move the resolution
which was seconded by Fredrick Douglass
"That it is the duty of the Women 
of this country to secure to themselves
their sacred right
to the franchise
Some of the signers of the declaration of Rights
Lucretia Mott - Jacob P Chamberlain - Martha Wright - Elisha Foote
Amy Post - Charles J Hoskins - Mary Ann McClintok - Richard Hunt
Lovina Latham - Jonathan Metcalf - Mary H Hallowell - Henry Seymour

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