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Philatelic Photograph: Église Sainte Pierre - Caen, France

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Église Sainte Pierre
(St. Peter's Church)
Normandy, France
Topic: Philatelic Photographs
West Façade - Église Sainte Pierre
GPS: N49° 11.058; W000° 21.661
Quick Description: 

Église Sainte Pierre (St. Peter's Church) is located at the Place Sainte Pierre east of the massive castle of  William I (William the Conquerer) the Duke of Normandy in Caen.

Long Description:

The Church of St. Peter was founded in the late 10th century and early 11th century. It's location between the harbor and the Ducal Castle places it in the economic center of the city. In the 1300's the nave and the upper parts of the tower were completed. are completed and the west and north portals were added. The 245' spire dates back to 1308. In the 16th century the apse was modified and chapels were added.

The church was partially destroyed during both the Wars of Religion (1562–98) and the French Revolution (1787-1799). During World War II the church, as was much of Caen, was destroyed by allied bombing. The spire fell down crushing the nave. Repairs under the auspices of the Department of Historic Monuments, was completed in 1957. Finally, a new organ was installed in 1997.

The church is a good example of transition between Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The nave is of Gothic design while the newer apse built by Hector Sohier between 1518 and 1545 is of Renaissance design.

The stamp was issued by France on June 1, 1963 as part of an ongoing series of stamps dedicated to French cities. It depicts Église St-Pierre on the left and a round tower from the William the Conquerer the Duke of Normandy's castle on the right.

Round Tower - Ducal Palace

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