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Philatelic Photograph: Courthouse - Philipsburg, Sint Maarten

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Philipsburg, Sint Maarten
Topic: Philatelic Photograph

GPS: N18° 01.493; W063° 03.024

Quick Description: 

The Courthouse at Saint Maarten is located on Front Street directly north of the Captain Hodge Wharf at the north end of Cyrus W. Wathely Square.

Long Description:

The Courthouse building is the most prominent landmark on Philipsburg's Front Street. This white wooden structure with green trim is topped with a cupola, which is a bell tower housing a 25 bell carillon. It was built in 1973. The carved wooden pineapple above the cupola it the international symbol of welcome. A clock is located below a shuttered window on the cupola. The coat of arms of Saint Maarten is below the cupola. It features several national symbols.

Shield with rising sun
A brown pelican, the national bird
The Courthouse
The border monument
Orange sage, the national flower
The motto - Semper Pro Grediens - Always Progressing

The courthouse was originally the home of the town's founder, Commander John Philips. Over the years it has served as a jail, fire station, and post office. Today it is used solely as a courthouse. The bell tower houses a 25 bell carillon. The pineapple on the building's roof is an international symbol of welcome.

Saint Maarten is now independent and issues its own stamps and currency. Before 2010 it was part of the Netherlands Antilles. The stamp was issued in 2012 by the Saint Maarten as part of a three stamp set depicting national monuments. 

Stamp Issuing Country: Saint Maarten
Date of Issue: 2012
Denomination: 300 cents
Color: Multicolor

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